NRDS "Real-time" Synchronization

  • Single point of entry for new agents means NAVICA Streamline® sends new agent information to NRDS so you don’t have to key in new agents twice
  • Update agent records both to and from NRDS
  • Real-time access to the NRDS Education Reports
  • Real-time access to the NRDS Financial Reports

QuickBooks® Integration

  • Integrates directly with most QuickBooks® PC versions as well as QuickBooks® Online using Streamline Connect
  • Online membership invoicing
  • Online payments accepted through the REALTOR® Ecommerce Network


  • Public and Members only calendar of events for member and non-member registration
  • Email interface capable of targeting specific groups or entire membership
  • Text members directly for emergencies or last-minute updates

Member Benefits

  • Online bill-pay
  • Online event payment & registration
  • Online access to current and past invoices
  • Online Elections


  • Online Elections for local, regional, and national positions
  • Poll all or specific groups of members for any purpose
  • Vote on changes to bylaws or other policies
  • Option to auto-publish poll and election results

Manage Groups

  • Manage committees
  • Natural groups automatically update in real-time
  • Create custom groups for focused campaigns (i.e. emails, events, billings, classes, meetings, etc.)